Our company produces thermical reflecting panels for energy saving to place between wall and heater

The panels are realize to you on the measures of every heater and therefore have a good aesthetic impact and are much simple to place in the interstice between radiator and wall (minimal Distance between radiator and wall of 1 cm)


Panels are realized in insulating material (polyethylene foam with antiflame properties) and are covered of a thin reflecting aluminum layer.
The Caldo+ panel, avoiding thermal dispersions, allows an immediate saving.
In fact:
    - it isolates the radiator from the support wall ;
    - it avoids dispersions to the outside (also those to advantage of your neighbors.....);
    - it reflects all the heat available in your atmosphere;
    - it allows to heat every room more fastly;
    - it maintains more to along the heat in atmospheres after the extinction of the heaters.
The Caldo+ panel comes realized on every measure for your heater and also guarantees in full load its effect remaining hidden behind the radiator: from the aesthetic point of view the Caldo+ panel can therefore be placed in every atmosphere, is modern that in style.
The Caldo+ panel has a thickness of 8 milimeter and is composed from an insulating material with a aluminum sheet that reflects the heat. The particular shape of the Caldo+ panel allows the adaptation to the enormous variety of heater models.

In the pictures you can see heater with and without the Caldo+ panel.
From the frontal image (visible to right) you can see that the panel is completely hidden from the heater with minimum aesthetic impact.

Sheets of reflecting material adaptable to such scope had a linited spread because it is not easy to have a sheetgood to apply in difficultly accessible points in the narrow one space between wall and heater where are locate tubes and stirrups to you of support. In any case the aesthetic effect of every different solution is not never totally acceptable also because the material in commerce, of quality not comparable to that one of Caldo+, it does not allow to assure the panel to be orthogonal that therefore, beyond not to carry out the task effectively, will have a deturpante aesthetic aspect for Your domestic atmosphere.
Caldo+ has then thought to realize, with the best and more modern materials, one panel that will come with a shape just on the measures of every Your heater in such way that it will remain hidden behind to Your radiator diminishing the aesthetic impact.He will be sufficient to supply to our organization some simple measures for every heater in order makes you to arrive in short time panels "made on measure" for every radiator of Your house . The panels therefore realized to you, personalized to you purposely, will arrive to You integral, without bendings or rolling up that can some compromise the qualities, and you'll can set between the wall and heater in the simplest way.